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What is Weekly ICO?

WeeklyICO is an International Advertising website and a Free
Turn-key system to help You reaching financial freedom.

It works like every other Advertising systems with some additional extra features.

We reward our members with our special coins (WIC) for taking simple actions like reading our weekly News or visiting Solo ads etc..

Members may then exchange their WIC for a Weekly ICO stake and start earning Real Money.

What is a "Weekly ICO stake"?

We invest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and let our members participate at a fraction of the cost of the Initial Investment through our site.
Our members can "Earn" a stake for Free or buy stakes..it's their choice!

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything at Weekly ICO!

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Frequently Asked

What is an ico?

An Initial Coin Offering, also commonly referred to as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their crypto tokens before they go on the market.

Where can I read your ICO News?

The News are published on the members area of the Weekly ICO website and, if You wish so, can also be sent to your email box

Can I join and stay
as a Free member?

Yes, You can Join and stay as a Free member forever. there is absolutely no obligation to buy or upgrade.

Can I earn commission
as a Free member?

Yes, as a free member You get 10% of every purchase of avertising made by your direct referrals. Upgraded members earn up to 50% commissions.

Will I receive
a lot of emails?

No, we have an "onsite" solo system, You can read solos only on our site. You will only receive admin updates if you want.

My question is not
on this list..

If Your question is not listed You can contact our support team. The link to our support desk is at the bottom of this page.